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Select one of the RPA programs below to explore and register for classes in the 2019-2020 session.

What Makes RPA Different?

1. Our teachers have several years experience in their field as well as in arts education.

2. We have a holistic approach to teaching; understanding how dance, music and theatre have a common thread between them.

3. Our support staff is knowledgeable in the performing arts.

4. Our performing arts preschool not only provides the foundation needed to continue with dance, music or theatre, it teaches reading, writing, math, social-emotional, communication and visual art using the performing arts.

5. All of our dance floors are sprung to prevent injuries.

6. Students have access to a homework room equipped with a microwave, sink, lockers and a large cafeteria table.

7. All students have the opportunity to perform in a professional theatre.

8. We do not mark up costume prices for performances.

9. 70% of the annual registration fee goes toward a scholarship fund for families who cannot afford classes.

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About Tuition

Tuition is based on our school year (September-mid-June). You may choose to divide your tuition into 10 equal monthly payments. Monthly payments are the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month. Scholarships are available. Please download the form here.

Please note: When you register for a 2019-2020 Class, the tuition and fees will not immediately post to your account. To ensure you are receiving the best discount, each registration will be reviewed before it is posted.


Multi-class discount for individual or family= sign up for 2 classes and get 10% off both classes. Sign up for 3 classes or more and get 15% off each class! Some classes are not eligible for discounts.


Registration Fees

Dance, Music and Theatre registration fee:

Annual registration fee: $35
Annual family registration fee: $50

Preschool Registration fee:

Annual registration: $75
Annual family registration: $125

Production Fee

The production fee is between $35-$50 per child per production.
$35 for Mini
$40 for Recreational
$50 for Focus, Troupe and YDC

If the student is participating in multiple productions, there is just one fee (the highest production fee). If you volunteer 4 hours for any production, your production fee is waived. If you volunteer 8+ hours for your production fee is waived and you’ll receive 2+ free tickets to any production.

Production fees will be charged in March for June shows and October for January shows. RPA does not charge a production fee for showcases, recitals or open mics.

Costume Fee

A flat fee of $60-$70 per class per, per student and will be billed as non-refundable in October for the June performance. Students keep their costumes.

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