Virtual Recital 2020

Hello RPA Families!
We are quickly approaching your virtual recital filming dates! You have all been so amazing through what has undoubtedly been the most difficult time in our recent memories. Your dedication to your arts education is an inspiration to all of us. Now, lets celebrate all your hard work with a stunning collection of video performances and watch it together!

What is the virtual recital? I’m glad you asked, below are some FAQ’s. If you have more questions feel free to reach out to



Q: What is the Virtual Recital?
A: The virtual recital is a celebration of all the hard work our students have put into their performing arts education and training this year. It will be a collection of performances from every class at RPA. Classes will be professionally recorded by Bobby P Media at RPA. After recording, editing and combining all recordings, RPA will be hosting a (private & online only) LIVE social media watching party – so we can experience the finished product together. A link to download the video will also be given to all families.

Q: What will the recital look like?
A: This will be a professional production, led by the expertise of Bobby P Media, who for the last couple of years has provided our RPA families amazing digital copies of our traditional stage performances. Below is a sample of what the recital will look like, featuring Teacher Autumn and Mr.Scott

Q: When is the Virtual Recital?
A: That’s a two part answer!
1. It will be recorded at RPA between July 27th & August 1st.
2. A LIVE Streaming Party will be on Facebook August 8th.

Q: Where is the Virtual Recital?
A: It will be recorded at RPA in Studio 1.

Q: What is my costume, what should i do with my hair and makeup?
A: Please work with your instructor for those details.

Q: My class is scheduled to record at 6:30 on Monday. What do I do?
A: 30 Minutes before your scheduled recording time, show up dressed for your performance with some slip off shoes. An RPA staff member will direct you to your waiting area or classroom. Your instructor will escort your class to the sound stage and work with you and the technical staff.

Q: What is RPA doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the filming?
A: We will continue our diligent efforts through frequent cleaning / sanitizing, social distancing, improved ventilation, symptom awareness and much more. RPA has safety guidelines entitled “RPA’s Reopening Guidelines“, which was developed using the ‘Phase 2 Fitness in Training COVID-19 Reopening Requirements – Update’ document provided by the state of Washington at

Q: Will there be a production fee?
A: Yes, $35 per student.

Q: My family does not want to participate in the Virtual Recital. Do I still have to pay the production fee?
A: No. If you don’t want to participate, please fill out the Opt-Out form below by July 10th and your account will not be charged.